You should be careful!
Lies are being shed!

Asahi Shimbun Digital is trying to cheat you in English.
Asahi Shimbun is distributed in digital and English versions.
as follows.

“Comfort women forced to have sex by Japanese soldiers before and during World War II.”

This report is a lie article created by the Asahi Shimbun.

Because it is wrong, the author of the document admitted that it was a lie.
There are also facts that support it.

A group of Korean scholars presented various materials and revealed that the above report is contrary to historical facts.
The materials include a note of what had been running a prostitution business, a passbook of prostitutes, and a record of the entry and exit of prostitutes. There are also testimonies from Koreans who actually visited the site during the war.
The facts are as follows:

The comfort woman was a prostitute.
In the prostitution business, Koreans used Japanese names.
They conducted business following the Japanese soldiers.
There were many Korean restaurants near the battlefield, where there were prostitutes.
Most Koreans handled opium.
The worst thing was that they created a market for selling human flesh, some earned and became rich.


The above can be confirmed on YouTube's Lee Seiya TV produced by Korean scholars.

In 1965, a Japan-Korea Claims Agreement was signed between Japan and Korea.
A consensus was reached to finally settle all matters related to comfort women, unpaid wages for workers, and other matters between Korea and Japan during the Second World War.
Japan implemented the agreement in good faith and paid more than South Korea's national budget at that time.

For just 235 people.
The unpaid portion of so-called recruited workers was at most about two months at best.


History does not lie.
It is people who lie.
History tells you exactly what you want to know the truth or want to humbly accept the facts.
That is all.